About Best Left Unsaid

Best Left Unsaid is Allen Furst’s blog. Its irregular entries document various disgruntled opinions, along with some stories and photography, poetry, and more (!). If you know Allen Furst you probably consider him an arrogant bastard, so it’s a safe bet you’re not even reading this. Allen Furst will take this as license to say about you whatever he likes. If, on the other hand, you know nothing about Allen Furst, rest assured that you have no need to.

Feel free to leave comments wherever you’d like, for dialogue is essential to humanity, Allen Furst was recently told. Telling him this was meant to imply that he lacks humanity. But could it be that he is merely non-confrontational? Or taciturn? Or ashamed of a speech impediment? And if you knew, would it make any difference at all?


The characters described in these posts are all complete figments of the author’s imagination. Although they may bear uncanny resemblance to you or someone you know, it’s just a coincidence. Get over it.