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We’re Down to Our Last Roll – 2

Shelter-in-place observations. An ongoing chronicle of the plague.

3/23 – This morning, an article in the Guardian began to cast doubt upon the overlying hallucination that things will get back to normal in a month or two. The sobering thought was that sports in front of crowds would not resume before the summer of 2021. It was a good followup to the headline on Friday from the Japanese news service, NHK. Loose translation: “Some people think going ahead with the Olympics as planned is not such a good idea.” These guys are really on the ball.

I have to say I never understood by what mechanism this whole thing was supposed to go away in a few weeks. Even if we had tests, it’s now way too prevalent in the general population to be contained.

People in Germany and Holland are being told to expect that two thirds of the population will eventually contract the disease. Should be similar here. Although we are more spread out as a population, we don’t have a public health service that is nearly as efficient as theirs.

So let’s do the math, then we can go back to bed and suck our thumbs. Three hundred million Americans, two thirds get the virus, 4% death rate. I get 8 million dead.


I’m stressed. We’re all stressed, of course, but I’m starting to feel it in different ways. No appetite, sleeping poorly. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Last night I spent ten hours in bed and still woke up exhausted. I kept waking up all night, actually, feeling short of breath. Not the COVID 19 symptom,  no cough or fever, just feeling so stressed I couldn’t relax and take a deep breath. It’s like I have to remind myself to inhale. I’ll try to do some yoga, maybe that’ll help.


Yesterday, I went down to Surfer Beach to check out the sunset. I was surprised at how many people were there, walking around in small groups. Kids on bikes were all over the streets, enjoying the holiday from school. There was a strange sense of community in this, as if people had come to gaze fondly at their neighbors from a distance of six feet. Fortunately, no one came close to me, as I had forgotten my pepper spray.

At one point a group of 5 or 6 of these vectors passed me on the walkway. They were not keeping the advised 6 feet apart, and they seemed to be talking and breathing on one another other intemperately. I wanted to reproach them and remind them of the guidelines, but they had large dogs, so I decided against it.


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