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We’re Down to Our Last Roll – 5

Shelter-in-place observations. An ongoing chronicle of the plague.

As our government struggles to contain the pandemic, we may be encouraged to learn that, at least, they have come to understand the root cause of it all. The Hill Reporter headlines:

Spiritual Leader To Trump’s Cabinet Puts Blame Of Coronavirus On China, Gay People, And Environmentalists.

This would be a guy named Ralph Drollinger, who leads a White house bible study group.. He tells us that his conclusion is based upon “a biblically astute evaluation of the situation,” according to the article.

And the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. The virus is out there in the environment, right? That’s where people get infected. We have to shelter in place because the environment is bad for us. So the environmentalists are behind this.

    It was actually quite astute of this Spiritual Leader to make the connection.

But, I want to know why the Mexicans are escaping blame from this guy. And what about the Muslims? The Suffragettes? Gluten-free bread?

Is there a functional synapse left in this place?


While we’re on the topic of synaptic dysfunction, I got one of those Mail Delivery Failed notices from my email system. It was for a message that I had not sent, some spammer spoofing an address on my URL. Curious, I had a look at it:

Hi, neigh͏bor.
Tests confirmed that I was sick with a coronav͏irus.
Doc͏tors said that in the week I will leave the world.
My parents will be left without my sup͏port.
And at this ti͏me you will live enjoying.
I think this is unf͏air, and I suggest you pay me.
What I am sitting at home and don’t try to in͏fect your home.
Life or mo͏ney.
Hurr͏y up! Every hour, I hat͏e you more and more.

It was followed by a bitcoin address.

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