The Water Tower

Inside the dome of the Capitol Hill water tank

The water tower sits on top of a hill in Volunteer Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. I hiked up there early one morning hoping for pictures from its vantage above the city, but the fog was thick and I couldn’t see 5 feet. The place was deserted. I climbed a winding staircase to the gallery at the top of the tank, a small, domed chamber. The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department refers to it as an observation deck, however, since the windows appear not to have been cleaned since the tower was built in 1906, I suspect that observation is difficult even on clear days.

The room is only a couple of dozen feet across. I squeezed the tripod into the narrow passage on one side of a fenced-in central area. With the camera in vertical format, I took sets of 12 exposures, six across the top and six below. Later these were assembled in Photoshop. Shot with my widest angle lens, somewhat anemic in this regard, the Nikon 28-200 at 28mm, 2 sec at f/22, ISO 200.


Water tower panorama